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Quality Mulching and Complete Care for Your Lawn in Boonton, NJ!

With Elvin Lawn Care, you can expect professional lawn care from skilled technicians! We serve the greater Boonton, NJ area and can’t wait to get our hands on your yard so we can make it perfect without having you waste your time and energy on anything!

Professional landscaping service

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Professional lawn mowing is the perfect way to get your grass perfectly aligned and looking better than those lawns in movies! We’ve seen countless people yearning for perfectly cut grass but lack the time. We say call and ask for our expertise on the matter!



Painting can bring on such a fresh appearance you’ll feel like you’re in a new home with a brand-new yard! But if that’s how you want to feel, you must delegate the painting jobs to professionals. That would be us! We’d be more than glad to take on any paint job you have for us and execute it stunningly!

Rock Molding

Rock Molding

Have you ever wondered how there are those homes that have the perfect rock layout? We’ve all seen them – the perfect shape, the same distance in between – they’re beautiful! We can offer you the home’s lawn the same! We will take care of the rock molding. We’ll bring the molds and create an exemplary pathway in your yard!

Fertilizing Services

Fertilizing Services

Fertilising has always been one of the most crucial factors for a perfect lawn. It keeps every aspect healthy and nourishes it in the right way. But you need quality lawn fertilizing. Otherwise, the results could be different than what you expect. We’ll deal with the fertilizing and ensure you’re getting top quality!

Power Washing

Power Washing

Power washing could take care of all the debris and embedded dirt that won’t go away! If you’ve already put in enough effort and still the results are far less than perfect, we can offer our power washing skills and equipment! Let us be the ones to remove all the dirt with excellent quality!

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Client Testimonials

by Lila Clark on Elvin Lawn Care
Very Professional Lawn Mowing!

Professional lawn mowing is all I asked for when I called these guys, and they offered it right away, along with so much else! I wasn't expecting one company to offer such versatile services, but these guys did! Their mowing skills were even more perfect than I expected, and their other services were brilliant as well!

All the Care in One Place

Why call ten different companies when you want quality and exceptional care? And why spend hundreds of dollars on equipment you might not use and are unsure whether or not they’re the professional quality you need? Instead of worrying about all that and guessing the results of your lawn mowing or overall care, why not act prudently? Contact a local lawn maintenance company! You’ll get that top-shelf quality, and one team of professionals will do all the work!

We Have a Perfect Vision 

Whoever said it was not necessary to have perfection when dealing with a yard was wrong! And we don’t mean vision, as in eyesight – although it’s helpful. We mean the vision for the perfect yard. We mean seeing the whole beautiful picture before any work begins. We have that! Our vision of greatness has become impeccable over the years – that’s how we know we’re offering the best quality of everything and professional services for a lovely yard!

More Areas We Serve

We were never the type to leave someone hanging. If we can help, we always offer to do so! The problem is that we couldn’t possibly reach everyone all over the country. But we could do something, and we have. We have made our services available to a few more areas to be productive for more people!

  • Mountain Lakes Borough, NJ
  • Lincoln Park Borough, NJ
  • Rockaway Township, NJ
  • Kinnelon Borough, NJ
  • Denville Township, NJ

Call¬†Elvin Lawn Care today! If you’re looking for perfect-quality mulching – you can find it with us. If you’re looking for professional, overall care – you can find it with us! We want people to know that hiring us means getting everything they need for a stunning yard in Boonton, NJ. We’re varied in our services and perfectly qualified to indulge any demands!

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